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Since thousands of years ago, beekeeping products were known to have healing powers and were able to repair damaged body cells. Some of the quotes contained in the Qur’an, the Bible, and Wedha also state the efficacy of beekeeping products for human health.

Natural & Scientific
In fact, based on many scientific studies, beekeeping products have proven to be very useful in various uses, namely as an antioxidant , antiseptic , energy source , and many others. These products also strongly support the regeneration of body tissue cells and are rich in various important nutrients for the body.

HDI with the vision of “Being a world-class company based on love and caring in helping people achieve a more quality life” develops natural health supplements from beekeeping products to improve your health and quality of life. Materials sourced from beekeeping products are harvested and carefully selected, then processed naturally , without heating, so that the nutrient content in them is maintained optimally. Why are HDI Products processed without using heating? Research shows that the heating process will affect the benefits and reduce the nutritional content of beekeeping products.

The end result of each HDI product is always stored in the right way so that the effectiveness of the product is maintained because the less suitable storage also affects the quality and will reduce the nutritional content of the product.

We are sure that by providing all the goodness of nature that is presented through HDI products, and supported by a good lifestyle, you will always be healthy, look fitter, and be better from day to day!

Key Ingredients

Bees give us honey, propolis, royal jelly and pollen. These precious bee ingredients have been harvested and enjoyed by humans for thousands of years. Each ingredient keeps us healthy in different ways. Let’s learn more about these valuable and amazing ingredients!

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